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TABE Testing Dates

Pre-registration required

  • Wed - July 17, 2024
  • Wed - August 07, 2024

Dates and times subject to change.*

TABE Test Of Adult Basic Education

TABE Test Of Adult Basic Education

Choffin TABE Standardized Assessment

What is TABE?

Tests of adult basic education

TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is a standardized assessment used to evaluate the basic skills of adults in reading and mathematics. It is commonly used to assess the academic abilities of adults seeking to enter postsecondary education or training programs or to obtain employment in specific fields. 

Choffin uses TABE scores to identify adult learners' academic strengths and weaknesses and determine appropriate placement in educational programs or courses.

TABE Online Tools Training

To access TABE OTT you need to use the Google Chrome browser.

Link to TABE Tools Training

FOR READING: Click TABE 11&12 Reading, then level D, and choose standard.

FOR MATH: Click TABE 11&12 Mathematics, then level M, and choose standard.

Note: If you are applying for Surgical Technology or Practical Nursing, you must take the Math Level M and Reading Level D sections. If you apply for the Dental Assisting program, you will only take the Reading Level D section.

When Youngstown City Schools are closed or on a two-hour delay, testing will be canceled, and you must call 330-744-8723 to reschedule.

TABE Testing FAQs

Why do I have to take a Pre-Entrance Exam?

By assessing the skill level of incoming students, we can identify areas in which a student may need to improve to succeed in their intended program of study. Students who do not achieve a passing score on the pre-entrance exam are provided the contact information for the ASPIRE program, which offers free classes with an opportunity to practice and develop their skills before re-testing.

What topics are covered on the exam?

Math: Number Sense, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability. Reading: Beginning literacy/Phonics, Vocabulary, General Reading Comprehension, Text in Format, Reference Materials, Reading Strategies, Reading and Thinking Skills, Academic-Oriented Skills, and Literary Analysis.

What assessments do I have to take?

Dental Assisting: Reading Level D

Surgical Technology:  Reading Level D

Practical Nursing: Math Level M and Reading Level D

How long does the exam last?

Reading Goals: Students have up to 75 minutes to complete this exam section.

Math Goals: Students have up to 75 minutes to complete this exam section.

Can I use a calculator for the Exam?

An on-screen calculator will be available during the exam.

If I take the Math and Reading Exams, will I need to schedule two different times?

No, both exams will be administered on the same day.

How will I know if I passed?

Typically, you will be notified within 48 hours. The Adult Career Center student services staff member will contact you via phone to share your exam results and discuss the next steps in the admissions process.

Can I retake the exam if I do not get a passing score the first time?

Yes, students may take the exam twice to achieve the desired score. However, it is highly recommended that students contact the Aspire program for assistance before retesting.

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